Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Kansas Dad

To Stan, my Dad away from home.

People always joke about the in-laws and how awful it is to have to put up with your wife's family, but Stan took me in and made me part of the family. I never think of Stan and Michael as in-laws, they have always been family since the day I passed through for the first time in January 2009. Rebekah and the other kids are all making lists of things they remember about their dad so I thought that I would too.

Things I remember:

You were working in TX when I first met Rebekah.

You told her she couldn't date me because I had a lip ring and when I took it out you threw away the letter you were writing me about it. I never saw the letter. That was before we had even met.

I came to visit on Valentines day. We all played phase ten that evening.

You took me into your home for three weeks when I moved down here while I was getting my own place lined up. We had known each other for less then two weeks.

You gave me a job and taught me to refinish furniture.

You trusted me to take care of your daughter and gave her to me on August 15, 2009. We had only known each other for 6 months.

You took me and Lopez fishing at your friend's pond.

Riding around in your van going on service calls listening to march madness on the radio.

You took me to the airport when I flew to MN and you picked me up when I came back.

I can't remember a time that you didn't have a smile for me and Rebekah and the girls.

You showed us your shotguns and told us about going hunting.

You would pray with the people that we were working for. You were never afraid to tell anyone about Jesus or ask them if they need prayer.

Stan, you're not just my father-in-law, you have truly been a second Dad to me.
I love you.

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