Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Will Dance

I know that I have talked a lot about priorities and putting family first, but I feel like in this day and age this is something that can't be stressed enough.

My oldest daughter loves to dress up and be the princess. She pretends to sleep and says "Daddy, you be prince." Then I am supposed to try and wake her up but the only way to succeed is by giving her a kiss. Then we put on one of her princess dresses (she has several), and go to the ball (which is the kitchen, because her dress up shoes click on the floor), and then we dance. This is probably her favorite game right now. It is something that I don't want to pass up because I never know when she might outgrow it.

There is so many things in life that you can never plan on. I don't know what will happen tomorrow or the next day. Life is too precious to miss even one moment like this with my daughter. Life gets crazy, we are all busy and have stuff we need to get done, but make sure you are making time for what is really important.

This is an amazing song by Steven Curtis Chapman about not missing those moments that really count. If anybody knows that this is true, it is him. His five year old daughter died in a tragic car accident. You never know what might happen. Don't let your business get in the way of what really matters.

If you haven't seen the movie Courageous yet, go out and rent it and watch it asap. It is a great movie that touches on almost every area of what it means to be a man and a father. That movie changed the way I look at life and is what inspired me to start this blog. Go watch it!

Once again, keep your priorities straight! Don't pass up the precious moments that life sends your way because you never know when they will be gone.