Monday, October 1, 2012

Keeping It Real!

Now that I am a father of two amazing kids, I have been thinking about my responsibilities as a parent. How it is my job to provide for them and protect them. But also how it is my job to teach them and guide them. It is my responsibility to point them toward God. I can't force it on them, I can't make them believe, I can only teach them what I know and be living proof of the life changing love of God. 

If it is real for me, it can be real for them.

The truth is, if they don't see me living out what I am teaching them, they have no reason to believe it. That is a lot of responsibility! And it is the most important thing I can do for them.

That means I have to stay focused. Listen to God, talk to Him every day. Do my best to show them what it means to truly love and follow God.

And here is the exciting part. The thing that I love to think about and that really drives me and keeps me going. I look back and think about how far I have come in my life. How much God has changed me and how much more I know now then I did when I started following God. I think about how much I have learned and grown from what my Dad was able to teach me and how much further I still have to go. Then I imagine my children being able to learn from me. They wont have to start where I started, they can have a huge head start because of what I can teach them. I can spring them into a life with God that can reach so far beyond where I am because they will have a life time to learn just like I did only they can start so much further along the path then I did. And it will carry over to their kids too!

Are you beginning to see the impact that we can have? How can we afford to pass up this opportunity!

We can't!

We as dads can't let this amazing gift of being fathers go to waste. There is nothing that could possibly be more important! No football game. No job opportunity. Nothing! Our first responsibility is to be like Jesus for our family. We are the head of the family just as Christ is the Head of the church! It is what we were meant to do. 

Be vigilant! Be on guard! Don't be distracted or lazy, be what God has called you to be! 

A leader! A warrior! A son of the true Father!

And a dad!

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