Friday, June 15, 2012


Becoming a man after God's heart is a pretty heavy statement! This blog is meant to be a window into my personal journey towards what God wants for my life. I will be blogging about questions (and hopefully some answers) that I am thinking about and dealing with in my life. God has put the desire to be a man of God deep inside of me. There is a lot of questions that I am seeking answers to and my goal is to share some incites and things that I learn with whoever cares to read them in hopes that my journey might inspire others to set out on their own journeys to find what God has put inside their hearts.

I will be trying to deal with and discuss things like: How do I be a true man of God? What will that look like in my marriage, to my kids, and at my job? How do I balance working, spending time with my kids, keeping the relationship with my wife alive, and finding a balance in the midst of all those things while still maintaining my sanity? How can I show my children the love of God and make it real in their lives?

There is so much to learn about being a real man and so much that I need to learn. If my ramblings and thoughts can help some of you to find a closer relationship with God, with your kids, or with your spouse, then this blog has served its purpose. I hope to post something about once a week. I welcome your comments and thoughts. If some of what I write brings up questions for you then feel free to ask me whatever and I will do my best to answer or it might open up a whole new box of thoughts and ideas. If nothing else we can grow together and share in this journey towards God.

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