Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Vs. Money

Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness!  Ecclesiastes 5:10 NLT

Several times a week I am presented with a choice: stay an hour or two late at work and make forty or fifty extra dollars, or leave on time and be home for dinner and have a couple hours with my girls before bed time. Now forty dollars, three or four times a week, adds up fast. That's a lot of money, and as it is we are on a very tight budget. As much help as that money would be I just can't trade that time with my daughters. When it comes to work I have always said family comes first. If my job is demanding too much time and I can't be there for my girls then maybe I need to find something else. 

When I come home from work Mercedes runs to the door yelling daddy daddy daddy, and gives me a big hug and tells me what she is doing as best she can. She always want to cuddle me and tells me she misses me. I wouldn't want to trade that relationship with my daughter for a few extra dollars. I have worked with too many guys that have ended up getting divorced or have no relationship with their kids because they worked all the time. I refuse to let that happen to my family.

It isn't easy to do. It takes sacrifice. It is all about priorities. We only have one car. We don't have cable or a high def TV. I don't have a PS3 or an Xbox 360. We don't have the newest smart phones and iPads. But what I do have is a wife and two daughters who love me, who want to spend every minute they can with me, who miss me when I'm gone and can't wait for me to get home. That is what I do have and no amount of money would ever be worth giving that up for.

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