Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eternal Life: Starting Now!

John 10:10b:
"I came so that they could have life - indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest."
It seems like most Christians in America today go through life only dreaming of when they die and go to be with Jesus, eternal life. Well what if we are putting the focus on the wrong word. The exciting part is life with Jesus, the eternal part is just the bonus that it continues after our earthly bodies die!

It is no wonder there are so many Christians just going through the motions. All they are living for is the hope that if they don't screw up too bad they will be with Jesus when they die. Well that is not enough for me and it wasn't enough for Jesus. He wants to go through life with us starting now!

When I think of the Christians all over the world who face torture and death for Jesus I have a hard time believing that they are going through all that just on the hope of life after death. NO! They are walking with Jesus every day. He is just as real to them now as He is once they get to heaven!

We can have real life every day! We don't have to wait for heaven to start getting to know our Savior! Lets start praying for life with Jesus starting now! No more waiting and only hoping for better things to come. Start walking with Jesus every day and when we pass on to the next stage our loving Creator will be right there with us!

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