Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Love Dare

Marriage is a kind of touchy subject for me. As I have written in other blogs, I have no intention of ever leaving my wife. When I got married it was for life. I try to be proactive about keeping our relationship healthy and me and Rebekah have what I consider to be a well above average marriage. But that doesn't mean I can let my guard down. It doesn't mean that it is always smooth sailing either. Satan hates our marriage and we are under attack almost every day.

Now, I love my wife more than anything, the trouble is I am easily distracted and I don't always remember to show Rebekah how much I love and appreciate her. I also have a tendency to do stupid and inconsiderate things because I am a guy and that seems to come with the territory. That said, after we had a particularly rough day, I decided it was time for me to step it up a notch. To make sure my priorities were in the right place. To make sure I was doing everything I could to make Rebekah feel loved and cherished. So I went out and bought The Love Dare.

The Love Dare is a forty day study with a reading and a new dare every day. It goes along with the movie Fireproof and is designed to strengthen and revive marriages.

I started going through the book earlier this month, along with fasting from watching movies and TV in my personal time as well as fasting from video games. The idea was to get my focus back where it needed to be and to help me learn to better show Rebekah how much I love her. I am a little over half done with the dare and let me say that it has been a rough month. Satan has been hitting hard. At first it caught me off guard and I didn't even realize what was happening until one night me and Rebekah were talking and she pointed out that I was giving in to everything without even a fight. After that I started to realize what was going on and watch out for it. The reason I was caught off guard was that Satan was attacking in areas that aren't usually a problem for me. I have had to be extra diligent and try to be praying all the time.

What I am trying to say with these blogs is not how great I am or how spiritual I am. It is not about how awesome my marriage is. Although sometimes it is about how amazing Rebekah is. The point is that no matter how good or bad your marriage is, there is always something you can do to make it better. Don't settle for good when maybe God is trying to give you something that will blow your mind if you are willing to work for it. Don't lose hope, if it seems like your efforts are just one sided or that your partner has already checked out, keep praying and seeking what God would have you do. Stay focused, work on your own issues instead of always looking at what you think your partner is doing wrong. Be on guard though. Be ready to fight because Satan isn't going to like it. Don't give up on your marriage and never stop trying to make it better.

I have put some new books and stuff up on my resources page so be sure to check them out if you are looking for a place to start.

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